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The Hope Valley Junior Invitational supports students with academic scholarship aid, junior golf through the Carolinas Golf Association, and the Mashburn Scholarship at NC State in memory of Hope Valley’s long time superintendent Bob Mashburn.





Dan and Susie Hill

Allen and Lydia Smith


Andy and Shirley Collins

Hope Valley Men's Golf Association

John and Lorie Christensen

Insurance People

The Barringer Family


Allison and Anne Zollicoffer

Jimbo and Emmy Huckabee

Tommy Koch

Edward and Avni Rampersaud

Jon and Pauline Duensing

Bill and Alana Argersinger

Chip and Myra Harris


Jake and Muffin Dixon

Hope Valley Women's Member Guest

Mike and Laura Branton

Adrian Wilson

Jim Warner and Carter Gray

Dan and Maureen Sexton

Steve and Chasie Harris

George and Jo-Ann Moser

Logan and Lynn Toms

Scott and Barbara Brazer

Marty and Aralu Lindsey



Scott and Katherine Manuel

Judy Smith

Kent and Carey Anders

Ben Maynor

Dan Dektar

Joe and Meara Kirsch

Wards Produce


Brad and Julia Carpico

Gary and Barbara Bressler

Jennie Hollowell



Gary and Jane Dunk

W. H. Aldridge

Mitch Mumma

George Williamson

The Donation Process

ROSS FLIGHT - multi-year commitment over 5 years of $5,000

Scholarships will be merit-based and will be determined by an applicant's academic record and character.


Donations and Sponsorships are critical to our success and greatly appreciated.


Donations are 100% is tax deductible and we seek contributions at the following levels:


NELSON FLIGHT - multi-year commitment over 5 years of $2,000

SOUCHAK FLIGHT - single-year gift of $1,000

CRICHTON FLIGHT - single-year gift of $365

PATRONS FLIGHT - single-year gift of $100

Mail-in Donation Instructions

Please make your check payable to the "Hope Valley Junior Invitational."

Mail to:

Mr. Allen Smith

3937 Bristol Road

Durham, NC 27707


Please state the manner in which you wish to have your donation/sponsorship listed.


Your donation/sponsorship may be listed in the tournament program and displayed on the website.

On-line Donation Instructions

If you'd like to donate on-line, please click the "donate" button below.  Once you click the button, you will be directed to the North Carolina Community Foundation's on-line gift page.


We have listed specific instructions to follow below.  You will see a similar information on the North Carolina Community Foundation's web page.  Please follow carefully:

Minimum donation amount = $100

Enter your donation frequency.  How often you want this payment to take place.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you select "N/A-Other" for an affiliate community grant-making fund.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you type in "Hope Valley Junior Invitational"

into this box.

If you wish to make you donation as a tribute gift.  Please indicate the honorees name and contact info.

If you wish to make your donation on behalf of an organization or company.  Enter the name here.

Click here to enter your payment information.

Which ever way you wish to give to junior golf and the Hope Valley Junior Invitational, we sincerely thank you for your support.

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