The boy’s winner hit their winning drive over 319 yards – mostly in the air.
Here are a few photos, plus an update from Andy Collins, our eloquent local observer:

“Yesterday was not just one more Monday at Hope Valley Country Club. Not at all, because our golf course was truly abuzz. And further, over our past 93 years, probably few days could come close to topping yesterday when a flood of young golfers swooped in and began play in the 2019 HVJI Tournament, Monday’s practice round.

From a beginning at the practice tee, to the golf course, to the long drive contest, to the players dinner, to the parents reception, and, later, to having barefoot fun on the putting green, it was a splendid day indeed.

Today – and we’ll call it Tournament Tuesday – the real competition begins. If it fits your schedule, come on out and be part of some of the most special action you’ll ever see on our golf course.”
– Andy Collins, HVJI Senior Observer