Invitation Criteria

Invitation Criteria

2022 Hope Valley Junior Invitational (Top 10 Boys & Top 10 Girls)
2022 Bobby Chapman Junior (Top 10 Boys)
2022 CGA Jimmy Anderson (Top 5 Girls)
2022 CGA Creed (Top 5 Boys)
2022 Notah Begay III Championship (Top 5 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2022 Jones Cup Junior (Top 10 Boys)
2022 Donald Ross Junior (Top 10 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2023 AJGA ANNIKA Invitational presented by Rolex (Top 5 Girls)
2023 Sea Pines Junior Heritage (Top 10 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2023 AJGA Simplify Championship at Carlton Woods (Top 10 Boys)
2023 AJGA Mariah Stackhouse Girls Invitational (Top 5 Girls)
2023 DJ World Junior (Top 10 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2023 HV3 Invitational (Top 5 Boys)
2023 Vicki Disantis (Top 5 Girls)
2023 AJGA Team Taylormade Invitational (Top 10 Boys)
2023 Valentine Junior Invitational (Top 5 Boys & Top 1 Girls)
2023 CGA Jimmy Anderson (Top 10 Boys)
2023 Scott Robertson Memorial (Top 10 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2023 AJGA Wyndham Invitational (Top 10 Boys)
2023 Future Masters (Top 5 Boys)
2023 Southern Junior Championship (Top 10 Boys)
2023 Gator Junior Invitational (Top 5 Boys and Top 5 Girls)
2023 MAPGA University of Maryland (Top 5 Boys & Top 5 Girls)
2023 Dye Junior Invitational (Top 3 Boys & Top 3 Girls)
2023 Kingsmill River Course Trevor Times (Top 2 Boys & Top 1 Girl)
Top 100 Boys on Junior Golf Scoreboard and Golfweek on May 3, 2023
Top 50 Girls on Junior Golf Scoreboard and Golfweek on May 3, 2023

Earning an invitation does not guarantee acceptance. Invited players must register by June 18th, 2022.

The Scott Robertson Qualifier, Roanoke Country Club, Roanoke, VA, April 2023
Top 5 boys and Top 2 girls will receive invitations to the Hope Valley Junior Invitational.  If you’re interested in playing in this event, please register on the Scott Robertson Tournament site.

A Local Qualifier will be held at Hope Valley Country Club, Durham, NC in June 2023.  Qualifier applications will open in April 2023.  The first 90 boys will be accepted to the Qualifier.  Registration deadline will in June 2023. The format is individual 18-Hole Stroke Play.  Entry is open to any male amateur golfer who is 18 or younger as of August 5the, 2023 and who has not started college (class of 2023 or higher).  The Top 4 Boys advance to the Hope Valley Junior Invitational.  Caddies are not allowed, Players may use a push/pull cart.  Tee times will start at 9:00 AM and will be posted 2 days in advance.  The Qualifier entry fee is $55 per player.  *Players who successfully qualify for the championship proper will be charged the additional Championship fee of $295 for the Championship rounds.

Applications Encouraged

Any applicant not meeting an automatic qualifier or priority level is welcome to apply ‘at-large’. To apply ‘at-large’ please register and you will be placed on the pending list.  The Tournament Committee will review the pending list regularly. Should 90 qualified applicants not be available, at-large spots will be awarded based on a composite ranking of select ranking systems.

Application Timeline

All applications must be submitted by July 2023. A total of 87 selections (approximately 58 boys and 29 girls) will be made in July 2022 based on applicant priority and composite rank within priority if necessary.  Meeting one of the criteria does not guarantee admittance.  Assuming more than 90 applicants as of July 7th, selections will be made based on a composite rank within priority. Should withdrawals occur, selections will be made on a weekly basis to applicants meeting a criteria until the field is complete.

* If a competitor earns duplicate invitations or is no longer eligible, the invitation does not go to the next eligible competitor in that event or within the rankings. Invitations will be emailed within one week of the event which the invitation is earned. Each invited competitor must enter the tournament by the closing date. The Hope Valley Junior Invitational tournament committee reserves the right to extend an invitation to players not listed in the criteria above.