Inside the Monday Parents/Members Reception

One of the more interesting aspects of a gathering in which there are (1) adult beverages, (2) food stations with delectable pick-ups, and (3) lots of bite-sized sweets is this; we aren’t necessarily keeping track of “how much,” i.e., how much we got poured at the bar, how much of the various entries end up on our plates, nor which and how many of the desserts we sample. There’s just not any of that negative “baggage” that can dampen a really good time.

Those above-mentioned happenings are the sorts of enjoyment that go on during the Reception, at our “first-day” HVJI Monday night event. This year, again, the people-packed Dover was fully abuzz for well more than two hours, beginning at 6 P M. I would judge that the ratio of visiting Parents and Friends, compared with Hope Valley People, was about one-to-one. “Refreshing” might be the best word to encapsulate the intermingling we witnessed and enjoyed. Shirley and I made a point of just walking up to people we did not know and striking up a conversation. Amazing how warmly we were received.

And, as the evening wore on, other fun things blossomed. After all of the polite greetings, and chatting, and mingling, I noticed a grouping around one of the tall tables with about eight-or-so guys. No doubt about it; they knew each other from previous interactions at other Junior tournaments. And, no doubt about it again, from what I saw and heard, they were bantering and guffawing the way good buddies are prone to do. Bantering can be a lot of back-and-forth fun — and often will go to the extreme.
[*A true, neat example of clever bantering, below, is optional reading.]

So, what do I leave this posting with? Hey, Club Members, the HVJI is growing to be a major event in the life of HVCC. We even have an official Hope Valley Country Club Scholarship. But we need a steady corral of people to keep everything going. Think about volunteering and contributing — both of your time and of your funds. Contact Allen Smith at And you will thoroughly enjoy attending the next HVJI Monday Reception in early August 2024. “How much” will never cross your mind.

*At a Calcutta-type tournament recently, a group of guys formed a syndicate to buy teams of their liking. There were eleven people in all. At the outset, the group communicated via Text chat, and a large task was that of identifying who in the group would be the Operator — i.e., collect the money, keep track of winnings and distribute, if any, all proceeds. Nobody readily stepped forward to take on that role. Lots and lots of excuses. After a bit more of responses, one member finally wrote, “Sh**, I’ll do it. It ain’t Rocket Surgery.” And a few minutes later another replied, “Ain’t Brain Science either.” Great mixed-metaphor styled bantering.

-by Andy Collins