After the first day of play, the leaders are: Natalii Gupta and Katherine Schuster in the girls’ division and Walker Isley, Nicholas Mathews, and Griffin Tarver in the boys’ division. Click here for the leaderboard with complete results and tee times.

Check out today’s schedule below:

Wednesday, August 15th

*Updated Tee Times due to Weather Delay*
9:30 AM-11:45 AM: HVJI Tee Times off #1 and #10

See below for a recap of yesterday’s events from Dr. Andrew Collins, and come out this week to watch some of the most talented kids in the Southeast compete in the inaugural HVJI!

“It was Day Number 2 at the HVJI, and the beat goes on. Starting bright and early Tuesday, the order of things reeked of one great golf tradition; all threesomes began play on the First Tee. And the golfers, though perhaps a bit nervous, seemed delighted with that.

Then the splendors of junior golf began to unfold. Leda Newman of Charlotte (Ballantyne), a petite, laid back lady, the mother of competitors Jake, 18, and Josh, 17, sipped from her water bottle as she watched the boys teeing off. And without being prompted she offered, “The volunteers and everybody are above and beyond. This is a very good tournament.”

A short while later, over on the 10th Tee, Sameer Gupta, in a very bright shirt, was easy to approach. With hands in his pockets, he seemed refreshingly eager to talk. “Where am I from?” he said, repeating the question. “Well, I’m from Dubai. And you probably want to know how it is we ended up here,” he said, in heavy accent, followed by a laugh. “My 15 year-old twins, a boy and girl are competing. They have been in the U. S. most of the summer, playing in tournaments when we could find one. We found you on the internet.” So, logically, the next question was, “How do you like our course and our tournament?” Folks get ready for this. He said, and these are direct quotes, “This is beyond anything I have seen in my life. When we arrived I needed to pinch myself. Is this real?” He went on to say, “I have traveled the world and parts of the U. S. There is nothing like this anywhere. I would give some of the Scotland courses a 9. There is a course in Sri Lanka that gets an 8 plus. Hope Valley is a solid 10.” His final remark: “I hope the locals know and appreciate what they’ve got.” Maybe sometimes it takes a world view to put things in proper perspective.”