Allen Van Asch returns to compete for a second year

Later in the day, on Hole #11, it was fun to meet a grouping of three boys and one girl. A father, from Brier Creek, stood alongside the green and, when I walked up and asked his name, he introduced himself. “I’m Fraser Van Asch. That’s my son, Allen, in the dark shirt.” I then explored their history having to do with the HV Junior Invitational. Found out they had played in the tournament before and were quite excited to have made the field again this year. “When I look at the list of people playing this year,” dad Fraser said, “this field could be called the ‘Who’s Who’ of Junior golf. I’m serious.” And I got these spontaneous player comments. “Hope Valley is one of the top-five courses we play,” and from another, “This is my favorite tournament.” The two boys gave out more feedback about practice-round answers. They wanted to “Get a good feel of the greens today,” and “The main thing, is, it gives me freedom for tomorrow.” Also, before we parted, Fraser told me that he is good friends with Jack Marin and Gerard Hall and added, “I’m right at home here.” I said, “Right on. I live in a home right beside this fairway.”